Skilled bassist proficient in writing bass lines, improvising, learning by ear, reading chord charts/leadsheets, playing to click/track, and recording.

Recording/Mix Engineer and Producer

Arranging and Transcribing also provided


"Greg is as talented as any bass player I've ever worked with, On top of that he has a great attitude and works hard to improve himself." - Mike Clute (Recording/Mix/Live Sound Engineer and Producer of Diamond Rio, Poco, Faith Hill see
"I've worked with a lot of session bass players on various commercial and album projects over the years, and I have to say that Greg is one of the absolute best. He can play anything." - Gary Parks (Recoridng/Mix Engineeer, Producer, and Founder of Wall of Orange)
"Greg has an Amazing Knack for coming up with good tones. We were blown away with the drum sound he was able to form in the studio and will definitely be coming back." - John Tipton Housewright (Guitar/Lead Vocals for The Heavy Hands, John Tipton)
"Greg can get you solid results for an affordable amount and within a pretty quick time frame." - Zack Weise (Drummer for The Heavy Hands)