"Nothing touches music," -Ginger Martin (my mom) 

A Little About Me

I was a late bloomer to music. When you grow up with musicians for parents it's hard to avoid learning an instrument and I was way more interested in the 3 year-round sports I played. It wasn't until I was nearly 16 that I picked up the bass due to my parents insistence, and because of my mother telling me that although she loved sports and competing, nothing touches music. In the beginning I was absolutely awful, like almost everyone is when they begin learning something new. Any one who knows me though will tell you that I have a very large stubborn streak, and I took playing the bass as a new and interesting challenge. There isn't a way to describe the way it feels when you finally play something well for the first time and it sparked a hunger in me to learn more. From that point on, I was hooked.


I have been playing the bass guitar for the past 11 years. Thanks to my musical family, I had a knowledge of the basics when they signed me up for lessons with the Dwayne Heggar, the leading bassist for Emerald City Band for more than the last 25 years. While I was attending college for my Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of North Texas, I played the local music scene with friends. My college years flew by, and by the end of it I had played many local gigs along with nabbing my degree  and a professional career at Peterbilt Motors Company. This has not put a stop on my musical career and I continue to learn every time I play a gig, as there is always something new to learn.


My first experience playing a real venue was in my early twenties with an indie/rock band dubbed Acey's Ghost. Like most original Dallas bands, we played the Deep Ellum Circuit at a number of venues - including Prophet BarTrees, and The Green Elephant -  and met many talented musicians which lead us to being able to record our three song EP. I can't explain how valuable that experience was for me as a growing musician.

The EP recording with Acey's Ghost lead me to the amazing Dallas String Quartet led by Ion Zanca. With this group of classically trained artists, I was able to see the stages of the House of Blues, AT&T Performing Arts Center, and even Cowboy's Stadium. Needless to say, this was a completely different experience from what I had encountered thus far, and it took my musical journey to new heights.

During the time that I was with DSQ in 2013, I was working a full time job as a Mechanical Engineer for Peterbilt in Denton. This couldn't stop my love for playing in front of a crowd and I was elated when Cornerstone, the contemporary service at Highland Park United Methodist Church, welcomed me onto their worship team. To say that this group of musicians has influenced my work as well as my life is an understatement and I am blessed to be working with them. 

From 2012-2015 I  played with DSQ on occasion, but when my mentor, Dwayne, presented me with an opportunity to play with one of the bands at the Emerald City Management, I jumped at the chance. I'm glad to say that I still play with the wonderful artists of DSQ from time to time - but the next chapter of my career found it's home in the heart of the newest EC band, Party Machine.

If you really want to challenge your memory as well as your ability to be a versatile musician - join a Top 40's cover band. Party Machine was a fun, crazy, and challenging band to be a part of, but the memories made and the experience learned was something for the books. I played with the eight-piece band from 2013-2016 and traveled with them to cities across the south preforming for a variety of parties, weddings, and events. With over 500 songs in our pockets we were able to mold ourselves to any and all types of events and we were in high demand. Because of our ability to play such a large variety of music, we played at venues such as the Texas Motor Speedway, American Airlines Center, Southside Ballroom, Panther Island Pavilion, and many, many more. I even had the opportunity to learn a new instrument - the key/synth = bass. Along with Party Machine, I was able to sub in with other EC Bands such as Downtown Fever and Emerald City Allstars. 

In 2014 I purchased a home in Lewisville, Texas, and began working on my newest passion - producing music. Starting small, I bought a number of tools and spent countless hours researching the different technical aspects behind recording, mixing, and producing music. As I've said before, I love a challenge, and I spent many nights locked in what our household has dubbed the "Music Room". studying and learning this new art-form. 

I  was able to practice recording and the like on some very patient and wonderful friends. Although it was a rough start, I have found that producing music is just as enjoyable for me as playing music. Refer to my production company blue13productionstx.com for further information.

Over the past couple of years, I have met a number of talented and gracious musicians that have granted me the privilege to play alongside of them. Some of my favorite collaborations were with Coffey Anderson, John Tipton Housewright, Sarah Sellers, Josh Goode, Will Foraker, Karla Nivens, among many others.

Current Projects

I currently hold my position at Cornerstone as well as with a number of bands - both cover bands as well as original music bands. I am also working on productions with Electric Tongues and Kyoto Lo-Fi.